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I'm using C# windows applications(VS 2010). I create new object from 3rd party ocx as

 Axx.AxView ax = new Axx.AxView();

And I add this to a form dynamically.

                    frmDummy = new Form();
                    frmDummy.Height = 0;
                    frmDummy.Width = 0;
                    frmDummy.Visible = false;
                    frmDummy.ControlBox = false;
                    frmDummy.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized;

When I'm assigning any property to this object exception coming (eg. ax.FileName="sss.xls")
Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
Updated 4-Jul-12 18:06pm

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Sanyon_d 5-Jul-12 0:25am    
Thanks for reply. It didn't work. This happens only in windows7 platform. In windows xp it works nice. Is there any security settings need to be changed in windows7
Is that Axx.AxView a 32bit assembly, or does it depend on a 32bit assembly? If so, change the target of your solution to x86.
Does that Third Party control try to write to e.g. C:\Window or other places where an applcation must not write to? Then: no chance to get it running.
There could be a problem with Data Execution Protection - switch it off for test purposes.
If you create an application with it on a Windows XP machine, does that application work on Windows 7?
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Sanyon_d 5-Jul-12 22:39pm    
Thanks for the reply
I used same concept with visual foxpro.Then it works in both xp and windows 7.
This doesn't write anything to the system. This ocx used to open CAD files.
If exe built in windows xp even it doesn't work in the windows 7.

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