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I have developed a windows service where in a auto email functionality is incorporated. When i build the solution it didn't gave me any error but asked me to install the service using installutil.exe. When I tried doing that it gives me error that one of the dependencies is missing or the path i am providing is incorrect. I am not getting what am I missing ? Please Help
AmitGajjar 5-Jul-12 0:48am
Please post the command through you are installing service.
Taresh Uppal 5-Jul-12 0:53am
installutil.exe "C:Document and Settings\taresh\Desktop"
the system cannot find the file speciified
Swaminathan_K 5-Jul-12 7:23am
Try this

C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727> InstallUtil.exe -i "C:Document and Settings\taresh\Desktop\....somepath..\bin\release\servicefilename.exe"

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The command line for InstallUtil installing a service is :
c:\> InstallUtil.exe -i "c:\somepath\servicefilename.exe"
Taresh Uppal 5-Jul-12 1:03am
in my project setup folder i m not able to find this .exe file. Have i not coded this windows service properly ???
Mehdi Gholam 5-Jul-12 1:06am
InstallUtil is in the SDK folder for .net, you must add it to your setup builder so it will be on the target system when installing.
Taresh Uppal 5-Jul-12 1:08am
Sir could you explain how to do it ? Actually I am a web developer and coding something on windows is new for me. PLease explain !
Mehdi Gholam 5-Jul-12 1:17am
Read this :
Taresh Uppal 5-Jul-12 2:59am
I have followed all the steps so far for developing this service still I am not getting success !

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