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I'm a high-school student seeking to learn about 3D programming. I have experience with C# and C++, OOP and more.

I don't have any intentions of making high-grade stuff with 3D, but I do want to learn something that I might use in the future. So I have a few questions:

1)Is the 3D options in WPF can replace DirectX/XNA? Can they all accomplish the same?
2)Is XNA a standard for future game development? Do you see programmers moving from DirectX to XNA?
3)What do you think that a beginner should be learning? Yet I don't want to learn for example using XNA if I'll probably forget it in a year because I'll be using DirectX for example. (I'm just trying to be time-efficient - I'm not lazy).
4)A book recommendation would be appriciated if you see fit :)

Thank you all :)

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I would suggest you to visit the following links to know the difference between WPF, DIRECTX and XNA.[^][^]

Hope this helps :)


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