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Hi there,

Thanks in advance for any answers/input.

I am currently teaching myself to work in SSIS, which is a very nice tool.
However, I am having trouble with the Data Flow Scripting Components. I am trying to feed data columns into a Tranformation Script Component, run a check (If statement) in the script that EXCLUDES any rows that dont pass the check from the OUTPUT columns.

I can feed data into the script component, run it through the component and output it perfectly. The check is the propblem for me, the actual code in the script. I need to know how to skip any row that fails the check. I have tried Row.NextRow() but it still outputs the row and doesnt skip it.

Is there a command I am missing?
bbirajdar 6-Jul-12 12:08pm
How can we guess unless you show us the code?
JarrodSpendley 11-Jul-12 5:29am
Its not example specific. I just want to know how to skip unwanted rows from the output, using C#.

use Conditional Split define the test. Follow this:[^]

Let me know if you have any question with SSIS, I will be glad to help you.



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