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Hi, i am beginner at c# and I have a public decimal variable on in my code behind. How do iget this variable and use it in a if statement with javascript on my aspx page?...Any help will be much appreciated.

Well there is one shortcut we used to use during the ASP days, this still works in ASP.NET
In the page codebehind declare a public property say public int MyInteger
In the aspx put this

    function GetMyValue()
     var someVar = <%=this.MyInteger%>;
     //Do something

To do it nicely, you can use RegisterClientScriptBlock [^]

string script = string.Format("var myVariable = '{0}';", vaiable.ToString());
if (!ClientScript.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered("myScript"))
    ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(typeof(_Default), "myScript", script, true);
Ganesh Vellanki 13-Nov-14 5:40am
chrome says unidentified syntax, do we need to put quotes...?
public decimal Price;

then you can access that from Javascript as

var price = <%=this.Price%>;
Ruwaldo 6-Jul-12 10:27am
tried this already get an error.
DamithSL 6-Jul-12 10:36am
What is the error?
Manas Bhardwaj 6-Jul-12 10:27am
ditto +5!
DamithSL 6-Jul-12 10:38am
:) There is no auto refresh or alert system when someone else added answer. Sorry yes it is ditto......... 5+ from me
Manas Bhardwaj 6-Jul-12 10:41am
Nothing to be sorry about. Infact, you posted 1 min before me.
Need to work on my typing skills ;)
Ruwaldo 9-Jul-12 4:24am
It says expression expected.
public int i;
//do some code....

on view page....
write with in jquery function or any event
var price = <%=this.i%>;
Sandeep Mewara 7-Jul-12 5:44am
Why are you simply doing almost a copy-paste of same answer posted before? Avoid it.
Ganesh Vellanki 13-Nov-14 5:40am
why says syntax not identified...?
if possible (is available) try to assign value in java to document.cookie = javavalue and then get it from codebehind var x= document.cookie (either via webbrowser or page)

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