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I am making a website of a resturant.
in database I have created two tables

I want to display the category in navigation bar and on clicking the category it has to show the respected food that comes under the category.

example I have the following entries in my table
food_name=Zinger Burger,Chicken Burger,Sea Food

how can I show the category on menu bar as a hyperlink and on clicking the shows the food from database that is onclicking the fastfood it shows the zinger and chicken burger.
AshishChaudha 6-Jul-12 13:28pm
Would you tell what you have done so far???
ZurdoDev 6-Jul-12 13:43pm
Your question is very broad in the sense that it requires a lot of code and depends on what you have done so far.
waj123 6-Jul-12 14:34pm
I have just retrieve the category names from the database as a I have to show the data from database on clicking the hyperlink.
waj123 8-Jul-12 7:53am
can't any one help me??
nilesh026 18-Jul-12 2:57am
i think it is done by the query string first of all fetch data from category and show in the hyper link then when click on that hyper link that time fire second query for getting that food list

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