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Hi All,

I am beginner to javascript.

    var ButtonHandler = function()
        var me = this;
        = function()
            me.meClick(); // How It can find "me"!!?
        this.meClick = function()
    var b = new ButtonHandler(); // me created and destroyed.

    function onBtnclick()

I bind onBtnclick to button click.

My confusion is at creation of var b "me" is created and destroyed.

but when i click button,How it finds "me"?.

Sorry for my english
Thanks all.
Updated 9-Jul-12 2:30am
[no name] 9-Jul-12 8:25am
I am not sure what your confusion is. me is declared in the ButtonHandler so that is how finds it....
Bhavin Jagad 9-Jul-12 8:29am
Thanks for the view,
when i declare "var me", is it considered as member variable? or its a local variable?

armagedescu 9-Jul-12 8:45am
It is member variable and private.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Jul-12 8:51am
It is a local variable allright, but the function is being defined in the environment where that variable is also defined and is thus preserverd for use by the function. See my solution for the details.
Bhavin Jagad 9-Jul-12 9:14am
Thanks for the solution,Manfred
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 10-Jul-12 6:48am
You're welcome! :)

This is what is called a closure[^] in computer science. As the function is being defined that is being assigned to all the variables that are defined in the surrounding environment are reachabel from within that function definition.

Seeh here:[^]

— Manfred
Sandeep Mewara 13-Jul-12 3:26am
My 5!

Didn't knew the word 'closure' for it. Thanks for sharing. :)
at creation of var b "me" is created and destroyed.
When and where did 'me' was destroyed?

As long as 'b' is available, object exists and so does it's members. Right? me was not destroyed and so it exists.
Prasad_Kulkarni 10-Jul-12 6:37am

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