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Can someone help me remove special characters from my textbox so that it will no longer throw a error code such as this one

{HttpRequestValidationException (0x80004005): A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (tb1="").]
First, where is your code sample which causes this problem? Please understand that now, during a season of vacations, my access to your hard drive is somewhat limited. :-)
And what do you call the "special characters"?
Alby3k 9-Jul-12 17:35pm
I am currently using no code to strip special characters, that is why I am getting the error message. I consider special characters to be like "<>+&%". I understand that regex would probably be the best method, but I have yet been able to get it to work for me.
[no name] 9-Jul-12 17:39pm
Maybe you should investigate the String.Remove() method.
Alby3k 9-Jul-12 17:42pm
I'm very new to programming, could you give me an example as to how I would use it to control a standard textbox on a webform in VB.
SoMad 9-Jul-12 19:30pm
I believe Wes suggests you use String.Remove()[^] on the string before you put the string into your textbox.

Soren Madsen

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