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How to add a row in datagridview in winform application.
Scenario is:
- I've one grid on windows form.
- Grid's columns are pre-definded. (Here, I mean column index, name , header text and order is not changeable at runtime.)
- I need to add new row in that grid.
Anyone, help me in this regard. How can I do this task ?
Updated 8-Jun-16 21:01pm

Try this:
private void InsertNewRowToDGV()
   //we have to get the index of a last row id:
   int index = this.dataGridView1.Rows.Count;

   //and count +1 to get a new row id:

Refer more details:[^][^]
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Itz.Irshad 11-Jul-12 3:26am    
DataGridViewRow dgvRow = new DataGridViewRow();
dgvRow.Cells[0].Value = objBook.ID;
dgvRow.Cells[1].Value = objBook.Title;
dgvRow.Cells[2].Value = objBook.Author;
dgvRow.Cells[3].Value = objBook.Genre;
dgvRow.Cells[4].Value = objBook.Price;
dgvRow.Cells[5].Value = objBook.PublishDate;
dgvRow.Cells[6].Value = objBook.Description;
int totalrows = myMainApplication.dgvBooksDetails.Rows.Count;
myMainApplication.dgvBooksDetails.Rows.Insert(totalrows++, dgvRow);

Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index
Got This Error:
pradiprenushe 11-Jul-12 3:52am    
I think index increment will not require. Pleas check this
myMainApplication.dgvBooksDetails.Rows.Insert(totalrows, dgvRow);
Please this code given bellow
to add blank row into the data grid view
Or Can you use this coding also

Suppose I have a DataGridView having three columns named ItemName,Itemcode and ItemQuantity
for that you can use following code given bellow

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