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Hi to aa the master of c#. i want to change color of furniture at runtime.In my winform i have to show furniture image and user wana change color of furniture at runtime. I dont any idea how to accomplished this plz help me out.... let me explain in deep. Suppose we have an image of chair and we wnt to change color of chair with the color selected with colordialog, anyone plz provide me code....
Updated 11-Jul-12 2:10am

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Based on what you say, Winforms, image of different color feature, just have defined images of a given color and give an option to select a color. Based on color selected, show respective image.

Changing color of an image at runtime is not easy and needs different set of tools if needed.
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Member 8233601 11-Jul-12 6:59am    
Actually it's client requirement to change color of image what ever the texture selected by user at runtime.plz help me i m in need....
Sandeep Mewara 11-Jul-12 7:05am    
Ask for a sample app (windows or web) where they saw something similar, that will explain what they actually need.

Member 8233601 11-Jul-12 7:24am
Sandeep Mewara 11-Jul-12 7:45am    
Thought so!

Now, go and tell them that the 'color change' feel that they get is actually image change. There are 5 colors and 5 corresponding image. On selection of color, respective image is shown.
Implement same thing now.

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