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"Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"

I am getting the above error in my desktop application when i call to webservice.
i ahve one method in webservice which searches the virtual path on server. when i call to this method , i have got the aboove error. I have checked the same path on my server and it is properly working

Webservice :-

<WebMethod(Description:="Retrieve an array of files with name, attributes and content.")> _
Public Function Browse(ByVal VirtualPath As String, ByVal FileExtension As FileExtensions) As FileInformation()
       Dim i As Integer
       Dim fi As FileInfo
       Dim aFiles As FileInformation()
       Dim mExtension As String
       Select Case FileExtension
           Case FileExtensions.asp
               mExtension = "asp"
           Case FileExtensions.aspx
               mExtension = "aspx"
           Case FileExtensions.gif
               mExtension = "gif"
           Case FileExtensions.htm
               mExtension = "htm"
           Case FileExtensions.html
               mExtension = "html"
           Case FileExtensions.jpg
               mExtension = "jpg"
           Case FileExtensions.dll
               mExtension = "dll"
           Case FileExtensions.exe
               mExtension = "exe"
           Case FileExtensions.all
               mExtension = "*"
       End Select
       Dim di As New DirectoryInfo(WebServerPath & VirtualPath)
       Dim afi As FileInfo() = _
        di.GetFiles("*." & mExtension)
       ReDim Preserve aFiles(afi.Length - 1)
       For Each fi In afi
           aFiles(i) = New FileInformation()
           aFiles(i).Name = fi.Name
           aFiles(i).Size = fi.Length
           aFiles(i).LastAccess = fi.LastAccessTime
           aFiles(i).CreadedDate = fi.CreationTime
           aFiles(i).LastModified = fi.LastWriteTime
           aFiles(i).FileType = fi.Extension
           aFiles(i).FileLocation = fi.DirectoryName
           aFiles(i).FileContent = ReadFile(WebServerPath & VirtualPath & "\" & fi.Name)
           i += 1
       Return aFiles
   End Function

in web.config of webservice:-

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

        <add key="WebServerRootPath" value="c:\inetpub\wwwroot\" />

In my desktop application :-

'webreference name :- WSFileSever
'webservice name :- FileServer
'Webmethod :- Browse

mWSFileServer = New WSFileSever.FileServer()

 mFileInformation = mWSFileServer.Browse("microt/", WSFileSever.FileExtensions.all)

Please help me its urgent
bluesathish 25-Jul-12 6:36am    
Post your web.config entries, Let me check. This error may be occured due to the binding settings.

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