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Hello Every1......

Im doing a project that required to graphically represent the acquired data from the serial port. First I send/ store all the ascii type data available at the serial port to a text file. So that part is done,

I want to load this data to a data set and after that need to represent them in a graphical form. (plot graphs, charts etc).

Text file content :-

So I can read the text file line by line :).

These are my questions:
1. Can I plot these ascii values without convert them to a numerical form ?
2. What is the best way to do this graphic scene ? load all these asciis to data set/ table --> convert them into a numerical form and plot a graph ? or is there a better way ???
3. I want to represent numerical data in a spread sheet view ! what is best way ? data grid view, set or table ???

Any helps ideas would be appreciated

Updated 11-Jul-12 23:10pm

1 solution

You can read the file line by line: A simple Google search[^]

1. You can't, because strings don't have a numerical value. So you must convert them to double (perhaps an array or a list).

2. You could use Microsoft Charting control[^] and a fast line chart.

3. I would use DataGridView because it's simple and quite customizable.
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Ranabasu 13-Jul-12 12:40pm    
Hi thanx for the response. Yehh as u said It's not a big deal with reading and writing the text file. But I ddnt have an idea of using chart controls. Specially the MS thing :)
kornakar 16-Jul-12 3:50am    
Ok great :) If the answer helped you out then please mark it as accepted. Thanks!

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