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Hi I wanna develop an application like a classroom. where a teacher is delivering lesson and the student is seeing the teachers screen and listen to the voice remotely.

share the screen and do voice chat over the internet in, desktop application
like Teamviewer + Voice Chat

how would I accompolish this, the api etc

will windows desktop sharing ends the currently logged in user when a new user Login?
also is supported in win 2000 xp win 7 etc...

will it require a static IP to run the sharer and the client app will connect that IP?

any similar app. will be great

Richard MacCutchan 13-Jul-12 10:45am
Please do not tell people to repost questions in other forums, apart from questions that need help from administrators, e.g. Articles, Site Bugs and Spam.
bbirajdar 13-Jul-12 11:14am
I did not tell him to 'repost'. I told him to 'post'. I hope this clears your confusion...
Richard MacCutchan 13-Jul-12 11:22am
Well it's still a repost, as the question then exists in two places, which is wrong.
bbirajdar 13-Jul-12 15:12pm
I think you dont know that a question can be deleted from codeproject. So posting it somewhere means deleting it from here and posting it in the other section. Please check the red 'X' button at the bottom right of the question. It is used for deleting a question.
Richard MacCutchan 14-Jul-12 4:29am
That may be true, but it still does not alter the fact that there was no reason to tell this person to post in another forum.
bbirajdar 16-Jul-12 1:43am
That was funny

1 solution

any similar app. will be great
Skype? MSN messenger? GoToMeeting? WebEx?

Apart from that, if you plan to develop one of your own, then you need to start step-by-step. Gather the features needed, design, implement.

TRY what you want to do! You may find that it's not that hard.
In case, you get stuck, formulate what was done by you that looks like an issue/not working.

For now, it's an open question, more of a discussion then what a quick answer can satisfy.

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