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Hi friends,

i am trying to call some methods via threading. I am using it in
methods are like:

private void MethodName(string strParam1, out string strParam2,out string strParam3)

private int MethodName(string strParam1,  string strParam2)

i have tried my best but not found any solution. can any give me some suggestion.

thanking you in anticipation.

warm regards,
Arshad Alam
[no name] 13-Jul-12 11:19am
"i have tried my best but not found any solution"... a solution for what? You have not described any sort of a problem yet.
arshad alam 14-Jul-12 2:21am
@Wes Aday, i am writing the following code in :
Thread thread1= new Thread(new ThreadStart(method1));
Thread thread2 = new Thread(new ThreadStart(method2));

i am getting compile time error

The easiest way to deal with threading is to use the BackgroundWorker. Look at the following:[^]
Basic Backgroundworker[^]
Kind of depends where you need your result. You could make use of a delegate, as the following example shows.
class Program
   static void Main(string[] args)
      Func<int,> theFunc = new Func<int,>(GetThreadId);
      theFunc.BeginInvoke(42, TheCallback, theFunc);
      Console.WriteLine("Working . . .");
      Console.WriteLine("Starting thread was " + System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId.ToString());

   static void TheCallback(IAsyncResult result)
      Func<int,> theFunc = (Func<int,>)result.AsyncState;
      Console.WriteLine("The thread on which the function executed was " + theFunc.EndInvoke(result));
      Console.WriteLine("The thread on which this was printed was " + System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId.ToString());
      Console.WriteLine("Finished . . .");

   static string GetThreadId(int justAnInt)
      return System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId.ToString() + ", just an int " + justAnInt.ToString();

Working . . .
Starting thread was 10
The thread on which the function executed was 11, just an int 42
The thread on which this was printed was 11
Finsihed . . .
As you see this method returns the result on a seperate thread as well. You could use an ISynchronizeInvoke[^] or something similiar to return to the calling thread though.

An alternative, as someone mentioned, could be a BackgroundWorker[^].
You could go hardcore with the quite heavyweight Thread Object[^].
Or go for the more lightweight ThreadPool[^].
Another option would be Tasks[^].
Sacha Barber actually wrote a nice series of articles on Tasks: Task Parallel Library: 1 of n[^].

Hope this helps.

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