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Hi All,

I am using a Regular expression to validate a numeric field in my application.

I want to accept decimal data in the format 14.2 (NNNNNNNNNNNNNN.NN), for which I am using "\d{0,14}[.]{0,1}\d{0,2}". The problem is this expression is matching negative values also.

Please suggest a solution.

Thanks in advance.

valza 16-Jul-12 3:45am    
Before regEx. Check if is not less then 0 :)
if( x <= 0)
gitika.khurana 16-Jul-12 4:05am    
The parameter is a String. And I wish to use RegEx only to do all the pattern matching.

Try adding '^' to the front (and '$' to the end) - it specifies that the digits must be at the start of the string. You also need to escape the '.' in the "[.]" as otherwise it will match any character

Get a copy of Expresso [^] - it's free, and it examines and generates Regular expressions.
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gitika.khurana 16-Jul-12 4:25am    
Your solution worked fine. Thanks.
But I would like to mention here, that '.' in the "[.]" matches only the . character, and not any character.

That functionality is achieved when we do not use the square brackets.
Use a ^ for indicating that the match has to be found at the start of the string, and a $ that no other characters must follow:
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gitika.khurana 16-Jul-12 4:25am    
Thanks, works just fine.

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