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can we send javascript variables to as server side variable
i have JavaScript variable i want to send as php session value ,
var name="first name";

i want to send this name to

is it possible ?
if possible how it is?
Thank u
Updated 16-Jul-12 21:06pm

I can't remember the finer details of using sessions, or more specifily what their lifespan and visibility is.

But this could very simply be achieved with an ajax call and a php file. What I have in mind is something this (with error checking removed for simplicity):
    $varName = $_GET['varName'];
    $value = $_GET['value'];
    $_session[$varName] = $value;

Then some simple javascript that would construct a url in order to pass the data.

var name = 'enhzflep';
var url = 'setSesion.php?varName=name&value=' + name;


Where getAjaxRequest was a function that would perform an ajax call to the specified url but do nothing when the call was complete - or at least dislay nothing if all was well. You could have the php send back a status message that you then check for before continuing.

Everyone's using jQuery these days, though you can write the function yourself or use a purpose built ajax library in well under 4kb - or about 4.5% of the size of jquery.min.js

For reference, I use as compressed version of this: AjaxRequest[^]
jkirkerx 18-Jul-12 22:50pm
That's a good idea

Before I posted my Javascript question, I was reading that you can register a php script as javascript, and php would run it anyways not knowing the difference.

you can use the hidden filed for the same .
<input id="hiddenfield1" type="hidden" value="something" runat="server"></input>

value can be assige dynamically
enhzflep 17-Jul-12 20:01pm
Doesn't work for php.
I read somewhere that javascript is capable of running php scripts a couple nights ago,

I googled advanced javascript and ran across the subject.

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