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I need to add points to a curve one by one and display the curve after every point has been added (since the graph is only updated ever two seconds). Before I was adding all 64 points to a list, then drawing a curve based on list elements.

Here is the code I have so far.

private void CreateGraph(ZedGraphControl zgc)
    GraphPane myPane = zgc.GraphPane;

    // Set the titles and axis labels
    myPane.Title.Text = "My Test Graph";
    myPane.XAxis.Title.Text = "X Value";
    myPane.YAxis.Title.Text = "My Y Axis";

    // Make up some data points from the Sine function
    //PointPairList list = new PointPairList();

    // Generate a blue curve with circle symbols , and "My Curve 2" in the legend
    //myPane.AddCurve("My Curve", list , Color.Blue, SymbolType.XCross);
    double x = (int)arrayPosition;
    double y = (int)dataArray[arrayPosition];
    myCurve.AddPoint(x, y);
    // Fill symboles with black
    //myCurve.Symbol.Fill = new Fill(Color.Black);
    // Fill the axis background with a color gradient
    myPane.Chart.Fill = new Fill(Color.White, Color.LightGoldenrodYellow, 45F);

    // Fill the pane background with a color gradient
    myPane.Fill = new Fill(Color.White, Color.FromArgb(220, 220, 255), 45F);

    // Calculate the Axis Scale Ranges

the problem is I don't know how to display the myCurve in myPane.
There is a function .draw, but I have no idea how to use it, and haven't found anything helpful googleing so far. Any help would be appreciated.

I think I have explained what I want to do, and put in all relevant code, but if you need any clarification just ask.
Updated 18-Jul-12 1:54am

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