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Hello guys,

You see I'm working on crystalReports and I have this text object that retrieve it's data from a database field, I want this text object of the crystal reports to be like a multi-line textbox, when it has already retrieved the data. Is this possible?

I already tried the "can grow" property of the text object but it is not what I wanted, because it expands and overlaps other fields. Do crystalReports text object have scrolling property wherein the text object will have a fixed width and height and then it will provide a scrollbar if the data inside it is too long already? Or is there any work-around to do this? Thanks in advance.
Updated 18-Jul-12 12:27pm

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The whole idea of a report is that it can be printed. If you have a box with scrolling, you can't print all of the information if some of it has been hidden because it's too long and scrolling is needed.

Your best bet is to make the text object much larger so that if the data is a large string it will all fit when printing. And move the text objects and fields around it on the page.
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Michael Sernal 18-Jul-12 17:44pm    
Thanks Kschuler,

I'm thinking of the same way, but you see this text object is a comment field and I don't have any idea how many characters a user will input. So if I reduce the width and height of the text-object and the user will input a lot then not all characters will be displayed and if I will increase it's size then it would would consume a lot of space. Does this mean I will make estimates on how big this text-object would be so that I will be able to cater how many lines of text to display?
Kschuler 19-Jul-12 8:37am    
Yes, I would suggest that you estimate how big the text object would be and just keep it set to that size. You could also add coding to truncate the text if the user types in more than you expect.

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