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hi I have a table that I fill some fields of that,befor
BUT now I want fill another fields of that table with primary key

what do I do?

woutercx 21-Jul-12 15:01pm    
I read your question, but it confuses me, I don't exactly understand what your problem is... Maybe you can clarify?
- Do you want to copy the primary key of the row in the same row to another column? I don't see why you would want to do that..
- Do you want to copy the primary key of the row into another table?
veusk 21-Jul-12 15:12pm    
no.I want fill empty fields from records that before inserted some fields of them.
now I want fill empty fields by primary key
Member 7434378 21-Jul-12 15:13pm    
Or do you want to update a row with a primary key?
woutercx 21-Jul-12 15:16pm    
Maybe it will get clearer if you explain why you want to fill another field of that table with the primary key; what is your primary goal?
woutercx 21-Jul-12 15:17pm    
Or do you mean something with "default values"?

1 solution

Try this.
UPDATE "your table name" SET
"Table field" = "what you want to add
WHERE ["The product key field"] = "The product key"


UPDATE tblProduct SET
[Product Name] = 'Shoe box'
WHERE [Product ID] = 1

Say you set the Product ID as the product key, and the Product ID is 1 you have to specify "where Product ID = the product key".
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veusk 21-Jul-12 15:37pm    
thank you very much

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