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USE `employee`$$

DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `selectemployeebyids`$$

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `selectemployeebyids`(IN empid VARCHAR(100))
    SELECT empname,salary,department from emp where empid IN (empid) ORDER BY empid;


Can anyone please help me

Manju K
AmitGajjar 23-Jul-12 4:30am    
Whats your problem ? Please post error message.
manjukgowda 23-Jul-12 5:19am    
Actually by the above procedure i want to retrive empname , salary , department from employee table whose employee id is 101,102,103 and 104
AmitGajjar 23-Jul-12 5:23am    
if you are passing empid as 101,102,103.. then your query should return result. execute this query individually and check result.
manjukgowda 23-Jul-12 5:28am    
I'm passing that empids as varchar so that it takes as

Where empid IN ('101,102,103,104')

it returns result only for empid = 101
AmitGajjar 23-Jul-12 5:29am    
do you have other records in database ? are you executing this query individually or by using exec ?

1 solution


Just Remove Quotation mark from your C# code when you are passing your value in your stored procedure.

That may work for you,

-Amit Gajjar.
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