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I have designed a form and put an imagecombobox on it, also imagelist as a container for the images. Everything works fine, when I switch from the design of the form to see the form. But when I open the form by clicking the button to open that form from the main form, the image combobox comes empty. When I just go to design, then switch back to form, the imagecombox has images. What is going on? Why the imagecombobox does not have image in a compile mode? Why when I go to design and then switch back to a form, the images show up? How to solve this issue?
Thanks, Rona

This code doesn't work:
Me.ImageCombo7.AutoLoad = true and there is no option in the imagecomboboxcomponent to select "AutoLoad".
Updated 23-Jul-12 4:17am
[no name] 23-Jul-12 9:02am
How are we supposed to know? We cannot see your code, your project, your hard drive or read your mind.
RonaR 23-Jul-12 16:16pm
Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
Me.Word.Text = ""
Dim ImageList6 As ImageList
Dim ImageCombo7 As ImageCombo
Dim objnewItem As ComboItem

Set ImageCombo7 = Me.ImageCombo7.Object
Set ImageList6 = Me.ImageList6.Object
Set ImageCombo7.ImageList = ImageList6

Set objnewItem = ImageCombo7.ComboItems.Add(1, "a", "a", "a") '1-pervyi -poriado risunkov of deopdown
objnewItem.Indentation = 1
Everything works fine...but when i open the form from the main form, the imagecombo is not populated. Either i need to set up a default value for the image combo, so when the form opens the imagebox is populated, or autoload all pictures on the Open event of the form. Please, help!
dimpledevani 23-Jul-12 9:10am
Wierd problem.Try assigning those images through code .
RonaR 23-Jul-12 16:14pm
I did!
Set objnewItem = ImageCombo7.ComboItems.Add(1, "a", "a", "a") and they show up and allow selection when I switch from design mode to Form acNormal. But when i open the form from the main form...the imagecombo comes empty.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 23-Jul-12 10:27am
Strange! put your source code here.
RonaR 23-Jul-12 12:26pm
Me.ImageCombo7.AutoLoad = true This line doen't work!
What if just to set a default value to an imagecombo? Then the form will open up with the combobox already populated with an image, but
Me.ImageCombo7.Default = Me.ImageCombo.ComboIems(1) also is not working.

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