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I am very new to pl sql.Is there any difference in syntax between Oracle PL/sql and SQL 2005 server?
StianSandberg 24-Jul-12 3:29am    
There are a lot of differences between t-sql and pl/sql. Some of them can be found here: The rest you'll find on google.
Prashant Bangaluru 24-Jul-12 8:14am    
Thanks for suggesting that link.It cleared my question Thanks to both.

Definitely, both products provide special features accesible through extensions to SQL. For regular selects, inserts and updates you are not likely to encounter those differences.

Best regards
Espen Harlinn
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Sql Server uses T-SQL and Oracle uses PL/SQL.
PL-SQL uses packages which is a concept that does not exist in SQL server.
Actually when you have a piece of code in SQL server for a stored procedure, the chance is rather high that it is not directly portable to oracle and vice versa except perhaps for very simple cases.
So the simple answer to your question is yes, there are a lot of syntax differences between oracle pl/sql and sql server. There might be a standard to define and standarise SQL, but there is no such standard when it comes to programming stored procedures.
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Wendelius 10-Aug-12 15:23pm    
Good answer!
SQL stands for Structured Query Language, not Standard Query Language. Most simple things wotk the same way on Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. The more complicated the queries become, the more likely you'll face the differences.
And also some data types do not exist on both servers: Oracle does not know Guid. And automatic creation of ID values must be done with triggers and sequences in Oracle.
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Wendelius 10-Aug-12 15:24pm    
Also good answer!

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