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Is there any Difference between MVC and 3 tier Architecture in .net?Which is better
between 2 while designing an application?

Every Application has one are more of following Layers
1)Presentation Layer or UI Layer
2)Business Layer or Business Logic Layer
3)Data Access Layer or Data Layer

3-tier architecture usually has each layer separated by the network. I.E. the presentation layer is on some web servers, then that talks to back-end app servers over the network for business logic, then that talks to a database server, again over the network, and maybe the app server also calls out to some remote services (say for payment processing).

some times we requires more layers of the above type and more mechines then it is called as N-tier

MVC is a programming design pattern where different portions of code are responsible for representing the Model, View, and controller in some application. These two things are related because, for instance the Model layer may have an internal implementation that calls a database for storing and retrieving data. The controller may reside on the webserver, and remotely call appservers to retrieve data. MVC abstracts away the details of how the architecture of an app is implemented.
Model on which model we wanted to build
View means UI of the Application
Contol Means the logic Which controls the Application

3-tier just refers to the physical structure of an implementation. These two are sometimes confused because an MVC design is often implemented using an 3-tier architecture.
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Mehdi Gholam 25-Jul-12 1:14am    
Prasad_Kulkarni 25-Jul-12 1:19am    
:) Thank you Mehdi!
3 tier architecture contains Presentation,Business and Data layer.In which MVC comes inside(part of) the presentation layer...
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Richard Deeming 6-Oct-15 9:58am    
This question was solved over three years ago. Your "solution" adds nothing to the exiting accepted solutions.

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