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Dear All

I want to allow zoom in, zoom out , scrolling in picture box.

How can I do it simply

Thanks in advance
Updated 25-Jul-12 12:03pm
Nueman 25-Jul-12 18:03pm    
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The control System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox is not suitable for such operations. Yes, you can implement them, but the control functionality won't help you; it will only present extra hassles, eat up extra resources and your development time giving nothing in return. Don't torture yourself — this control is designed only for the simplest cases, with static or almost static (rarely replaced) preexisting images.

What you really need is using a custom control derived from System.Windows.Forms.Control; the image should be rendered in the overridden method OnPaint. Please see my past answer explaining further detail:
How do I clear a panel from old drawing[^],
draw a rectangle in C#[^],
Append a picture within picturebox[^].

See also:
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