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I want to compare the file names from the database and compare that names with the file name present in the directory list.
I have successfully filter out the file names from the database but now I am stuck on how to compare it with the directory list file name.
If the names matche, then I want to display the file in the checkboxlist..
I have started it with this code......
SqlConnection sqlCon = new SqlConnection("Server=FNUEXCPC01\\SQLSERVER2005;Database=PREMIUM;Trusted_Connection=yes;");
            //sqlCmd.Connection = sqlCon;

            //SqlDataReader myReader;

            string sql = "Select Ref_Link from RECORDSMG where Department = '" + ddview.SelectedValue + "'and School= '" 
                          + ddlistschools.SelectedValue + "' and Doc_Category = '" + ddcat.SelectedValue + "'";
            SqlCommand sqlCmd = new SqlCommand();
            sqlCmd.Connection = sqlCon;
            sqlCmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
            sqlCmd.CommandText = sql;
            SqlDataReader myReader = sqlCmd.ExecuteReader();
            while (myReader.Read())

               // returnValue.Add(myReader.GetString(0));

                var test2 = myReader;

                //var test = chk;
              //  Response.Write(test);

1 solution

I would read them from the database into a list, and sort it (or use the Sql ORDER BY clause to do that for you).
You can then read the folder content using:
string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(path,searchPattern,SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly)
If you then sort these into the same order as the database list, it is a relatively simple matter to compare them.

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