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SELECT * FROM tecoGrupoCliente GC WHERE GC.id_grupo IN
(SELECT CL.id_grupo FROM vsgaEmpresa_ObterLista CL
Updated 26-Jul-12 7:49am
StianSandberg 26-Jul-12 10:44am    
You are using codeproject as a linq-translator..
Why don't yous read a little about linq and learn how to do it yourself. Scott Guthrie has a blog with some basic explanations about linq: ScottGu - Using LINQ to SQL (Part 1)
Sandeep Mewara 26-Jul-12 12:50pm    
Sandeep Mewara 26-Jul-12 12:50pm    
What have you tried so far?

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If you don't know LINQ, why would you use it ? If your SQL works, and if you know SQL, and don't know enough LINQ to even attempt this, what benefit would it be for you if we do your job, and you end up with code you don't understand ?

To be clear, LINQ is not black magic. It will generate SQL to get your data, same as you've done now.
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