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I am new to C# and I want to complete C# project, I have a thermal printer (Beiyang - POS/KIOSK printer ) connected by USB. and now I want to begin programming receipt print in c# using this printer.

So, please help me in this issue:

1- where do I start ?
2- how to connect device
3- how to send receipt data to printer
4- how to handle device and control paper roll and cut action

printer official web page:

Sorry for bad English.
Thanks to everyone for reading this question.

1 solution

You should talk to the people who created it - they should provide technical support and will know more about their product than we will. If they don't, then find another supplier and demand your money back!
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old_snake 27-Jul-12 11:07am    
they send me this link :

but I dont know ant thing about this!
I Google thermal printer and try so many code, I even found and try SDK for thermal label print but I am so confuse now! I don't know how to begin! I write regular printer interface before but thermal printers is different! they only print chars not graphic object! I try rawPrinter class too but I can't connect device for send raw string! so any one can tell me what can I do now?
OriginalGriff 27-Jul-12 12:09pm    
The manual contains everything you need to know - it's even a pretty good manual, I've worked from much, much worse!
Pretty much all you have to do is connect to the printer using the SerialPort class, and send it the control codes and text.
It shouldn't be too hard (though it might take some time to get it all perfect) you should be able to get it up and printing in under an hour if you just follow the manual. Less if you have experience in these things.
old_snake 27-Jul-12 12:12pm    
no I don't have experience, and device connected by USB! main issue is I don't know how to connect USB device! If I can connect device I can solve the problem.
OriginalGriff 27-Jul-12 12:30pm    
1) Physically plug it in.
2) Create a SerialPort class instances with teh appropriate port name and set the speed and bits per character - I assume you have that info in a different document.
3) Try sending some text to the printer, followed by a line feed character (page 3 of the manual). If you got it right, it will print.

It will get more complex than that - you will want to process return codes, and send other info, but once you have that bit done, it should all fall into place pretty quickly.
old_snake 27-Jul-12 12:46pm    
Thank you man! ;) I know now where do I start! I get 3 article for serialport class! and I try to work with this class, if I get problem can I ask you?

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