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I need to create plugin for all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari using MVC3 ?
How can i do that ?

if not possible using .NET then any-other way, using Java or C++ ?

Basically i want to do is ,when we try to play flash file it gives us like 'Plugin missing...' Or Install flash Player...

please help me how can i do that ?
enhzflep 28-Jul-12 5:51am    
Chrome extensions are written using javascript.

I'm confused as to the need of such a plugin. The browsers I'm familiar with already give you a message like that if there is no flash player.
What are you seeing when you try to play flash movie without flash installed?

EDIT: furthermore, WebKit is just the name of the layout/rendering engine - not so sure that it has any other relevance.
sagar15modi 28-Jul-12 5:54am    
its just example of flash plugin, i mean i want to create another plugin which can be work like this
sagar15modi 28-Jul-12 5:56am    
EDIT: webkit means all browsers which support HTML5 like Chrome,Firefox,Safari etc
enhzflep 28-Jul-12 5:59am    
EDIT: Say what? IE supports HTML5 - it's not WebKit. Doesn't mozilla FF use the gecko engine, anyways?
WebKit actually means this: Web Kit

Well, if you want specific help, you need to ask specific questions.

I don't think you're going to go anywhere fast if you expect to write one plugin once and be able to deploy the same package to multiple browsers.

The FF plugin Grease Monkey is reasonably compatible with the Chrome extensions format - in many cases, one extension will run on both.

But again, specific answers will be the result of specific questions.

Please look here :[^][^]

How do I develop a plug-in with Qt:[^][^]

How to develop a Firefox extension:[^]

Read also about FireBreath is a framework that allows easy creation of powerful, cross-platform browser plugins. A plugin built on FireBreath works as an NPAPI plugin or as an ActiveX control (windows only) and support could be added for other plugin types built in C++ as well:[^]
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Espen Harlinn 29-Jul-12 8:08am    
Nice set of liks :-D
Volynsky Alex 29-Jul-12 13:17pm    
Thanks Espen!
As far as I know Firefox is not webkit. It is Gecko.
First of all, consider creating JavaScript extensions. There is a very large spectrum of features accessible via JavaScript. If JavaScript does not fit your needs, then you have to create plugins. But SDK for plugins may be really big sledgehammers, for instance npapi.
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