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How to create dynamic websites in html?
If i use and SQL Server, it becomes very slow and takes too long time to open.
Is it better to create pages in HTML and use XML as Server.

Thanks all.
Updated 29-Jul-12 20:00pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Jul-12 2:01am    
No, it does not become very slow. It depends on how you use it and what is on your server host.

You are very confused. People use ASP.NET for a reason. If it's slow, fix your code. In fact, it's very slow the FIRST time you access it, as in, the very first person to access it, because it is compiling. Learn ASP.NET MVC, it's better, AND it's precompiled, but, either way, the reason these things were invented is because you can't do it with HTML.
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Mr pawan 30-Jul-12 2:08am    
Thank Graus!
but can xml be used as back end. As you know that if xml is taken, It can be browsed. But if it is taken in App_code folder, not load using jquery.
Christian Graus 30-Jul-12 2:15am    
You want to put your XML in your app_data folder. A database is better ( and quicker ), but, you can use XML if you want to.
There is no such thing as "XML is server". XML is just a language use to present data. This way, your question makes no sense at all. Moreover, please see my comment to the question. Nobody knows why in your case it works slowly, but it depends in different factors. You made a wrong conclusion of poor performance based on just one negative case of experience. This is a wrong approach to the problem.

Sorry, but there is not much to do to help you, based on your limited information. First of all, you need to understand well enough what you want to achieve and explain it properly.

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Thank you for a very nice line. I think the bad performance of my website is due to my short experience.
Thank You again.
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Joan M 30-Jul-12 2:36am    
Don't post this kind of messages as an answer, in order to post comments or to add more information in your question you can (add a comment or press the link "improve question").
Mr pawan 30-Jul-12 8:46am    
Its really bad. Its a little mistake.

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