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I am facing a problem, I want to make 3 screen in J2ME project.
first screen - login form
secodn screen - search screen form
third screen - show details of search form

First and second form opens successfully but third form does not open I don't know why.

Please help me

Thank you in advance!!
Updated 31-Jul-12 3:44am
TorstenH. 31-Jul-12 7:21am    
*white fog surrounds me*
I can see clearly *polishing glass ball* you have no search result.
*crow on my shoulder shouts out*

how about some more detail? *evil lough*
Malli_S 31-Jul-12 9:46am    
Can you please put some code snipet where you're getting the error, or how about putting the error string itself?
[no name] 31-Jul-12 10:06am    
We cannot see your code, your project or read your mind....
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 31-Jul-12 11:59am    
"But third form does not open" is not informative. There are more then one way to screw up things. How do we know which one did you choose? :-)

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