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Hi All,

I find out om internet a js file to modify alert message, But I don't want to use text "OK" , i want to change it to text "Back". but it don't run, I don't understand what is issue.

I hope that will be received help from you.
code of file:
(function($) {
	$.alerts = {
		// These properties can be read/written by accessing $.alerts.propertyName from your scripts at any time
		verticalOffset: -75,                // vertical offset of the dialog from center screen, in pixels
		horizontalOffset: 0,                // horizontal offset of the dialog from center screen, in pixels/
		repositionOnResize: true,           // re-centers the dialog on window resize
		overlayOpacity: .01,                // transparency level of overlay
		overlayColor: '#FFF',               // base color of overlay
		draggable: true,                    // make the dialogs draggable (requires UI Draggables plugin)
		okButton: ' 戻る ',         // text for the OK button
		cancelButton: ' Cancel ', // text for the Cancel button
		okButton1: ' Back ',       // text for the OK button of modified message dialog
		dialogClass: null,                  // if specified, this class will be applied to all dialogs
		// Public methods
		alert: function(message, title, modified, callback) {
			if( title == null ) title = 'Alert';			
			$.alerts._show(title, message, null, 'alert', modified, function(result) {
				if( callback ) callback(result);
		confirm: function(message, title, callback) {
			if( title == null ) title = 'Confirm';
			$.alerts._show(title, message, null, 'confirm', modified, function(result) {
				if( callback ) callback(result);
		// Private methods
		_show: function(title, msg, value, type, modified, callback) {
			  '<div id="popup_container">' +
			    '<h1 id="popup_title"></h1>' +
			    '<div id="popup_content">' +
			      '<div id="popup_message"></div>' +
				'</div>' +
			if( $.alerts.dialogClass ) $("#popup_container").addClass($.alerts.dialogClass);
			// IE6 Fix
			var pos = ($.browser.msie && parseInt($.browser.version) <= 6 ) ? 'absolute' : 'fixed'; 
			$("#popup_message").html( $("#popup_message").text().replace(/\n/g, '<br />') );
				minWidth: $("#popup_container").outerWidth(),
				maxWidth: $("#popup_container").outerWidth()
			switch( type ) {
				case 'alert':
					if(modified == null || modified== 'false'){
						$("#popup_message").after('<div id="popup_panel"><input type="button" value="' + $.alerts.okButton + '" id="popup_ok" /></div>');
					} else {
						$("#popup_message").after('<div id="popup_panel"><input type="button" value="' + $.alerts.okButton1 + '" id="popup_ok" /></div>');
					$("#popup_ok").click( function() {
					$("#popup_ok").focus().keypress( function(e) {
						if( e.keyCode == 13 || e.keyCode == 27 ) $("#popup_ok").trigger('click');
			// Make draggable
			if( $.alerts.draggable ) {
				try {
					$("#popup_container").draggable({ handle: $("#popup_title") });
					$("#popup_title").css({ cursor: 'move' });
				} catch(e) { /* requires jQuery UI draggables */ }
	// Shortuct functions
	jAlert = function(message, title, modified, callback) {
		$.alerts.alert(message, title, modified, callback);
	jConfirm = function(message, title, callback) {
		$.alerts.confirm(message, title, callback);

call code in htlm:
function changeNext()

            jAlert('Serial number is not submitted', 'Error Message', 'true');

Thank in advance.
Updated 31-Jul-12 16:54pm
ZurdoDev 31-Jul-12 8:38am
This is way too much code for my brain to go through. Can you simplify your question down to just the necessary parts?
ngthtra 31-Jul-12 22:02pm
ok, I removed code that unnecessary, you can help me find out reason,please.

1 solution

I don't see the word 'back' in your code, but, the jAlert library works perfectly, I use it all the time. However, the OK button is a graphic. You need to figure out where the library gets that graphic from ( you can right click on it in the browser and see where it points ) and change it to a graphic that says 'back', if that's what you want. Supporting different graphics for different messages would be an addition to this library.
ngthtra 31-Jul-12 22:00pm
work 'back' in my code is a parameter onButton1. and my code flow as following: call JAlert() -> call alert() -> call show().I used para modified to change text of button, if modified = 'true' => used "back" else used "OK". But this code don't run and Why I don't know.
Christian Graus 31-Jul-12 22:03pm
You can view source in Chrome and step through your javascript to see what is going wrong. I don't see any examples that indicate that these buttons support what you want, but if they do, then you can debug to see where it's going wrong.
ngthtra 8-Aug-12 5:28am
I resolved this problem. thanks evryone

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