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any one have idea how to implement tower of hanoi problem in c..
i know the logic but i want to know hot graphically develop it in c........
[no name] 1-Aug-12 12:52pm
What exactly are you looking for? The "idea" would be to draw the graphics for it. Are you wanting someone to code this for you? Are you doing this in Windows? Linux? Some other? What have you tried? What specific problem are you having?
Kenneth Haugland 1-Aug-12 12:56pm
Are you sure you mean C and not C++? I have only used C for microcontrollers, so your question seems odd...
Not a question. You should tell us you platform and a UI or presentation library you want to use.
Anand.genius 1-Aug-12 13:33pm
yes in C...on windows platform... i m try to draw graphic for each movement of disk.....when it moves...

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You'll have to learn something like OpenGL[^], GDI[^], or DirectX[^] if you're working in C.

For a simple thing like this, you might be better off creating text "graphics" on the command line.
Kenneth Haugland 1-Aug-12 13:00pm
Lol, I think the Tower of Hanoi is a mathematical game....
lewax00 1-Aug-12 13:07pm
I know exactly what it is. And it would be very easy to make a text representation of it. Much easier than learning a graphics system.
Kenneth Haugland 1-Aug-12 13:10pm
Yepp. I would rather use WPF's 3D engine with either C# or VB but thats me.... C/C++ graphics can be nasty buisiness :)
You are perfectly right here. My 5.

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