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im fresher in i need connect Remote sql server database through the internet . anyone guide me pls

thanks and regards
Member 9197016 25-Jan-14 1:27am

Eventually i find solution to this problem:

that's first we need to configure client location Router settings. then open sql server tcp port( 1433 ) or Udp port (1434 ) in that location.

First thing:
client location Router settings:

Start->run->type cmd then press Enter
then dos prompt will open.

1) Now you can see dos prompt then type ipconfig - press Enter

Now your system ip,subnet and gateway information will display on your command prompt.
take your gate way ip ( for example :
2) goto your system browser

type your gateway ip in browser address bar
Now your system will ask router username and password.
then enter your correct user name and password. then ur router home page will open in your browser.

Now you can see exactly 6 or 7 links, in that link click management link then sub links will list out lik LAN,WAN,NAT and so on.
now click NAT link then give your System ip and Sql server port then click save& apply...

this information for Bsnl router only

then check in command prompt with below command:

telnet client <> public ip <> 1433

if this command give blank black screen its connected with remote system if not otherwise

My connection string format:

        <add name="dbconnection" connectionString="Data Source=tcp: remote location ip (public ip address),1433;Initial Catalog=Education;uid=sa;pwd=123" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>

that's it!!!

Prasad_Kulkarni 8-Aug-12 7:42am
Good work! +5!
kokottt 24-Oct-16 3:13am
Would you please Describe these steps through A video
This has nothing to do with C# or .NET. It has to do with the network your SQL Server is running on, being connected to the internet.

I told you that, two days ago. What did you do for the last two days ?
Sarrrva 3-Aug-12 1:47am
yeah i agree with you sir,

this is my connection string

SqlConnection cn=new SqlConnection ("srever=;database=dbname;uid=sa;pwd=123");
is this right?
thanks and regards
AshishChaudha 3-Aug-12 2:02am
SqlConnection cn=new SqlConnection ("server=;database=dbname;uid=sa;pwd=123");

Is above are your server details..??? In place of put your server IP Address, In place of dbname, put your server database name and put your userid and password of your server in place of uid and pwd...
Sarrrva 3-Aug-12 2:22am
i tried this way Ashish


<<add name="dbconnection" connectionstring="Data
Source=PINNACLESERVER\SQLEXPRESS;database=RKT;uid=sa;pwd=123" providername="System.Data.SqlClient">><</add>>


AshishChaudha 3-Aug-12 3:06am
Mark solution as your answer.. so that other can refer to the answer..

Christian Graus 3-Aug-12 2:24am
Well, what he said is right, and what you posted is useless. So are you sure you tried with an IP that your server serves to the internet ? If you know you need to do that, why not debug that, instead of stopping doing what you need to ?
Its same as you connect local database. You have to use remote server credentials in your connection string.
Sarrrva 3-Aug-12 1:43am
i need detailed explanation sir, i tried so many times but still didnt get any positive results
thanks and regards
[no name] 3-Aug-12 7:55am
No one can give you "step by step" instructions. This is purely a network configuration issue. We cannot know how your network is setup. Hire a local IT consultant to come in and straighten out your hardware issue or google troubleshooting network connectivity issues.
Sharma Richa 3-Aug-12 1:49am
there is no one to do your home work.
have you googled ?
Sarrrva 7-Aug-12 8:48am
i can give solution to this problem Now......

Mr Sharma Richa
thanks and regards
Sharma Richa 7-Aug-12 9:27am
thats great sarva.
Click on I've solved this myself! button and provide the solution.
and one more thing i am not Mr Richa, its Mrs Richa.
Sarrrva 8-Aug-12 7:44am
Sorry Mam!!!
any way thanks Mam...

im fresher Mrs Richa so only this little confusion!!!
Sarrrva 8-Aug-12 7:49am
and i have another doubt Mrs.Richa... My solution working with static ip only. but my client have wireless connection... their public ip is always changing... how can i connect with that remote sql system?

Career Web Helper 3-Aug-12 2:07am
ri8 m agree with u..
define it in your web.config file.
<br />
<connectionstrings><br />
  <add name="[Connstring name]" connectionstring="Data Source=[servername];Initial Catalog=[database name];User ID=[userID];Password=[password]"><br />
   providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />  <br />

Sharma Richa 3-Aug-12 1:54am
He know that it has to define in web.config
But he need exact solution for remote database connection.
See childish comments in solution1 and solution2.
AshishChaudha 3-Aug-12 2:03am
You are right richa...this is the funniest question I seen in these few days..
Sarrrva 3-Aug-12 1:54am
i also tried this way

it works fine IN my LAN
but not work outside the lan
Christian Graus 3-Aug-12 1:57am
That's because that's a local IP address. Is the computer that your SQL Server is on broadcasting to the internet ? Being able to browse the web is not the same thing.
AshishChaudha 3-Aug-12 1:57am
could you please change credentials according to your server. The connection string you are showing is well and good for your local system. The same way you are working in Local system have to define for Server.
Sarrrva 3-Aug-12 2:09am
listen to all,

my both(client and server) system sql server configuration is

tcp ip port is 1433 its added in firewall , and also i set Allow remote connection for tcp/ip and named pipes in surface area configuration services and connection

but Still not yet connect...

anyone give me step by step procedures pls

try Following links here you get detail Explanation about connectivity[^][^]

Hope it will Help U
Best Luck
Happy Coding :)

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