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I wrote a simple code using SMTPClient to send mail to clients.

This works fine normally for small quantity mails.

Here my requirement is to send mails to around 8000 clients at a time.

And i tried the same code by using for loop on my code.

This works fine till it reaches 600 count, after it throws error saying "Mail Sending Failed."

So when i try to send mail to 8000 client I success to send mails to only 600 and remaining all client comes under my error list.

So, I need your help... like is there any technique to send Bulk Mails.
Or is their any Open Source Dll which will help me achieving the same.
Or How can I overcome this problem.

Kindly Provide some valid answer as it will be helpful for me.

Thank you.
lewax00 3-Aug-12 12:20pm
Sounds to me like your SMTP server is limiting you. You might want to check settings there.
[no name] 3-Aug-12 12:21pm
It's probably not your code. The "problem" is most likely that your mail server is set to reject mail if it detects that an attempt at spamming is going on. Send fewer emails over a longer period of time.
fjdiewornncalwe 3-Aug-12 15:04pm
Thank goodness the mail provider is blocking this. It sounds like you wrote a spammer to me.

Perhaps the links in this article would help you:[^]
Joan M 3-Aug-12 12:37pm
Interesting link. My 5.
Kenneth Haugland 3-Aug-12 12:40pm
Thanks :)
Seems like the server is preventing you to send bulk e-mail, the best way to avoid problems with that is to speak with them and expose the situation in order to open that door for you... The other option would be to put the program to sleep after 500 mails and wait for a while before continue sending the other 500...

Why don't you try to create a small mail server in your own LAN and make the test?
Any simple Linux distro would do it for free.
It's faster to call your mail server company but as all of us are geeky.

Hope this helps.
lewax00 3-Aug-12 12:42pm
"Any simple Linux distro would do it for free." Agreed, and I know CentOS specifically comes with an SMTP server ready to go, no installation or configuration needed (I don't know if that's standard for Linux distros or not, but I discovered it on a fresh CentOS install I was testing an email script on).
Hey Hi,

Thank you all supporting guys.

I have done this work complete by using threading.
BillW33 21-Aug-12 9:28am
You should not post a comment to a solution as a "Solution". Instead add a comment to a previous solution by pressing the "Have a Question or Comment?" button. I did not vote, but I thought you should know why this is being downvoted.

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