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Why does recvfrom always fail and I get the error 10014 (Bad address)?
#include <winsock2.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
	short port		= 39890;
	int err			= 0;
	struct sockaddr_in senderaddr, recvaddr;
	int senderaddrsize;
	WSADATA wsadata;
	const int recvsize = 1024;
	char recvbuf[recvsize];
	if ( WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(2,2), &wsadata) != 0 ) {
		return 1;
	if ( sock == INVALID_SOCKET ) {
		return 1;
	recvaddr.sin_family			= AF_INET;
	recvaddr.sin_port			= htons(port);
	recvaddr.sin_addr.s_addr	= htonl(INADDR_ANY);
	printf("Sever IP: %s\n", inet_ntoa(recvaddr.sin_addr));
	err = bind(sock, (struct sockaddr *) &recvaddr, sizeof(recvaddr));
	if ( err != 0 ) {
		printf("bind failed: %d\n", WSAGetLastError());
		return 1;
	printf("waiting for datagrams\n");
	err = recvfrom(sock, recvbuf, recvsize, 0, (struct sockaddr *) &senderaddr, &senderaddrsize);
	if ( err == SOCKET_ERROR ) {
		printf("recvfrom error: %d\n", WSAGetLastError());
	while ( 1 ) {
pasztorpisti 3-Aug-12 15:44pm
Sorry I posted a totally wrong answer!
pasztorpisti 3-Aug-12 15:47pm
Sent another answer that might help.

int senderaddrsize = sizeof(senderaddr)
Philip Stuyck 3-Aug-12 16:25pm
indeed you have to specify the size of the structure that will contain the peer address. +5
pasztorpisti 3-Aug-12 16:33pm
Thank you!
TheArchMage 4-Aug-12 23:07pm
I'm an idiot. Thanks for your help.
pasztorpisti 5-Aug-12 1:37am
You are welcome! Let yourself to make mistakes, to err is human! :-)
Philip Stuyck 5-Aug-12 3:21am
No you are not, this is a quite common mistake.
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I encounter this error when I was binding port to 443 (https). after reading some pages without any sense searched in my computer I realized VMWare Start a Windows Service named "VMWare Authorization Service" that perevent me to bind a socket in 443. after stop this service problem SOLVED!!!

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