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new to VBA and need help..Thanks
I have two word tables, one table contains part number and id,
and the other one contains id and other information,
how could use the id in table 2 to search the part number from table 1
and save the part number to table 2
at the end, I need to export the table as text file
Is this possible in VBA? Thanks..
Maciej Los 17-Sep-12 16:09pm    
More details, please... Example data...

1 solution

Yes, it's possible in VBA, but we need more details to help you!

Example code would looks like:
Option Explicit

Sub MergeTables()
Dim srcDoc As Document, dstDoc As Document
Dim srcTbl1 As Table, srcTbl2 As Table, dstTbl As Table
Dim rng As Range, sTmp As String
Dim r As Long, rc As Long

'on error got error handler
On Error GoTo Err_MergeTables

'this document
Set srcDoc = ThisDocument
'table 1
Set srcTbl1 = srcDoc.Tables(1)
'table 2
Set srcTbl2 = srcDoc.Tables(2)

'add new document
Set dstDoc = Documents.Add
'add table in to new document
Set dstTbl = dstDoc.Tables.Add(dstDoc.Range, srcTbl1.Rows.Count, srcTbl1.Columns.Count)

'get row count
rc = srcTbl1.Rows.Count
'go through the collection of rows
'start from 2. row, ignore header ;)
For r = 2 To rc
    'get ID from column 1
    Set rng = srcTbl1.Cell(r, 1).Range
    dstTbl.Cell(r, 1).Range.Text = rng.Text
    'find ID in the 2. table and get some information
    sTmp = FindIDAndGetInfo(rng.Text)
    'insert info...
    dstTbl.Cell(r, 2).Range.Text = sTmp

    On Error Resume Next
    'clean up ;)
    Set rng = Nothing
    Set dstTbl = Nothing
    Set srcTbl2 = Nothing
    Set srcTbl1 = Nothing
    Exit Sub

    MsgBox Err.Description, vbExclamation, Err.Number
    Resume Exit_MergeTables

End Sub

Function FindIDAndGetInfo(sID As String) As String
Dim sRetVal As String

'you need to implement the body of function
'tip: go through the collection of cells ;)

FindIDAndGetInfo = sRetVal
End Function
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