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what i need to do for uploading/downloading file to server via webservice in such a manner that i would stop and resume the uploading/downloading.

do i need to manage a track of bytes transfered/remaining or is there any other way to achieve this task?


There are 3rd party solutions that can do this. I have used this one before[^], years ago. It had the option of cancelling. It is for uploading only. Downloading is a client side event and the user can cancel.
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You can't do this in ASP.NET because HTML does not support it. You'd need to use Flash or something.
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ZurdoDev 9-Aug-12 8:04am    
There are 3rd party controls that will do that. It is possible without flash or something else.
Christian Graus 9-Aug-12 15:44pm    
Interesting. How is it possible to break a file in to many parts using only HTML and javascript ?
ZurdoDev 9-Aug-12 15:53pm    
You'd have to read up on how the controls work.
Christian Graus 9-Aug-12 16:04pm    
Well, I downloaded the control and I intend to look, but I remain dubious, because file upload controls are very locked down for security reasons. But, I am going to look in to it, and find out if I was mistaken, and I'll link to this control in future if I was, because this gets asked a lot.

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