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I need gmail login in my website and as soon as user logged in i need to get the user details to my database.

Can you get the details like Gender,City, Phone Number, PostalCode, HomeAddress etc.?

[no name] 7-Aug-12 9:44am    
I certainly hope that this is not possible.
Marco Bertschi 11-Jan-13 11:02am    
Why not? If it is only possible after the user is logged in there is no problem (Except there is the possibilty to do so without an encrypted connection - this would suck badly as hell).
[no name] 13-Jan-13 7:27am    
You are joking right? Do you seriously think that it's a good idea for anyone that can put a website up on the internet can just query google and then have access to your personal private information, save it to a database, and use it however they want? Not only they have your information but everyone that hacks into their database has that information too.
Marco Bertschi 14-Jan-13 4:02am     CRLF
No I am not joking. I am not talking about "Querying the whole Google database about every registered Google user". Off course Google has to ask the user for his permission before granting any dev access to such personal information (I forgot to mention this in my previous comment because I thought this is obvious). But if the user gives the permission to Google for the page letting access there is no problem in my point of view...
[no name] 14-Jan-13 6:03am    
And that is exactly what this whole question is about! Did you even bother to read it? There is exactly zero legitimate reason that any website would need to have your personal information saved to their local database. Perhaps you have no problem publishing your name, address, phone number and other personal information to anyone that asks for it but I would not do that. It's called "identity theft" and is a huge problem worldwide.

I don't know if you can do so - But you might want to have a look at the GMAIL APIs[^] which are offered by Google.

As others already have suggested - You can! Use the OAuth API[^]. Credit for this edit goes to Ranjan.D[^]

Marco Alessandro Bertschi
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I'm sure there's a solution by using Google OAuth, Please refer Get user info via Google API[^].


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