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I am trying to copy files stored as resources in my wpf project into a new directory.

This is to create a template set of folders with the default files populating it in the directory of the users choice. I have managed to do this with some of the easier file types like icons and plain text but am struggling with finding a way to copy others.

Is there a best way to make a copy of them other than stream reader and writer? this seemes to be handing back empty files for some files?

System.Drawing.Icon icon = Properties.Resources.icons;
              Stream IconStream = System.IO.File.OpenWrite(path+"\\Icons\\test.ico");

This works fine for an icon but the below code does not work for one of my help files; it creates it but when i look at the file it seems to be empty and wont open
  writer = new StreamWriter(path + "\\Help\\en\\test.chm");

(resources.test being a .chm file)

Updated 10-May-20 10:32am
efkah 7-Aug-12 7:15am
if during installation then try WIX (to make a package. i guess it wont help you if want them to stay in your resx)

1 solution

think there was a little misunderstanding in my last answer. here is code i actually tested and which should work.

string[] fileNames = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetManifestResourceNames();
foreach (String fileName in fileNames)
    using (FileStream fileStream = File.Create(@"c:\temp\" + fileName))

note that the resource must be marked as "embedded resources" for this to work (right click them in solution explorer, build action "embedded resources").
Maybe not 100% solved, im sorry.
Member 14827833 10-May-20 16:34pm
i copy this code and i make my files to embedded resources
but it this error
'Could not find a part of the path 'c:\temp\WindowsFormsApp3.Form1.resources'.'
Dave Kreskowiak 11-May-20 0:24am
You might want to actually look at the code you copied and THINK about what the code is doing.

Is your projects running from the "C:\Temp" folder? I'd be willing to bet that the folder doesn't even exist on your machine.

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