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I am working in silverlight and i have one Grid with many Rows.
In My Grid Row there are many control for display purpose.
Now i want to print this Grid with all row.
I found many solution for PrintDocument in Silverlight but it print only first page multiple time.

My code is like,
void btnPrint_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
       PrintDocument pd = new PrintDocument();
       pd.PrintPage += new EventHandler<PrintPageEventArgs>(pd_PrintPage);

void pd_PrintPage(object sender, PrintPageEventArgs e)
      e.PageVisual = grdMain;
      e.HasMorePages = true;

When i add e.HasMorePages = true that time it will going to infinite loop and does not print.

Please help me...
Kenneth Haugland 8-Aug-12 1:39am
You'll have to set the printarea to include hte whole table, not only whats visible.
Savalia Manoj M 8-Aug-12 1:57am
Thanks Kenneth Haugland for Reply.
But how to set PrintArea in Silverlight?
Christian Amado 10-Aug-12 9:55am
@Savalia_Manoj Solutions helped to you?
Savalia Manoj M 13-Aug-12 0:28am
Thanks Christian Amado,
I want to print multiple page not single page.This link gives single page example.Please give me multiple page link if you know.

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