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Is it possible to host(Execute) window C# desktop application in Apple iPad , if so what i need to make it or how ?

thanks in advance
Updated 8-Aug-12 0:18am
Kenneth Haugland 8-Aug-12 6:19am
Dont think so, you have to result to iOS programming, but it is mabye possible with Mono (plugin for the .NET framework for Apple).
bbirajdar 8-Aug-12 6:22am
I guess Mono is for Linux.. Correct me if I am wrong
Kenneth Haugland 8-Aug-12 6:25am
Looks universal but...

1 solution

Currently it is not possible to execute a C# desktop application on iPad. This is because a .NET application requires the .NET Framework to be installed on the top of the OS. Since there is no .NET Framework version available for the iPad devices, it is not possible.

You will have to wait till the release of .NET Framework for the iPad .
marjavic 8-Aug-12 7:04am
that mean i need to redevelope my app on ios to work on ipad
bbirajdar 8-Aug-12 7:27am
Yes.. You need to redevelop the application for iPad..

Of course you can minimize the efforts by creating webservices for business layer and consuming it in applications with different platform. This way instead of a complete re-develop, you need to redevelop the UI layer only and business layer can be common for all platforms..
bbirajdar 8-Aug-12 7:30am
Why was this solution downvoted? Any reasons ? If you think it is wrong, add the comments along with the downvote...
[no name] 8-Aug-12 7:37am
Countered for giving a correct answer.
bbirajdar 8-Aug-12 8:28am
Thank you Wes Aday :)
marjavic 8-Aug-12 8:18am
sorry for the downvote i appreciate your help but this solution was Frustrating to me couse i didn't work on ipad applications developing before ,kindly could you help me from where can i start to learn ipad applications developing , and can i develope ipad applications on personal computers or laptops otherwise it must be ipad machine...
and thanks gain for your help
bbirajdar 8-Aug-12 9:16am
I don't have enough knowledge in iPhone development. It will be better if you post this as a new question... , And yes, dont forget to remove your downvote...

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