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i want to show cv of candidate when user click on link of gridview.i have number of cv in that it is possible?
i have following code
private void FrmCorporateCandidateReport_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //Create instance for datagrid view link column class
            DataGridViewLinkColumn link = new DataGridViewLinkColumn();
            link.UseColumnTextForLinkValue = true;
            //Enter your link button column header text
            link.HeaderText = "Click to View Details";
            //set the property name for link column
            link.DataPropertyName = "lnkColumn";
            //set default active color for link
            link.ActiveLinkColor = Color.White;
            link.LinkBehavior = LinkBehavior.SystemDefault;
            //set default link color 
            link.LinkColor = Color.Blue;
            //set default link text
            link.Text = "View Details";

            //set visited color means if user click that link what color would be change
            link.VisitedLinkColor = Color.YellowGreen;
            //Add this link column to datagrid view

        private void dataGridView1_CellContentClick(object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)

            if (e.ColumnIndex == 0)

                Process myProc;
                myProc = Process.Start("C:\\Resumeupload\\txtdestinationpath.docx");

                //string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\\Resumeupload", "count*.docx");



                //MessageBox.Show("No Record Found");

when user search by first name last name it display gridview and when click on link button i want to show cv of that candidatein MCword....any help i m newbie..
Updated 10-Aug-12 4:41am
Abdul Quader Mamun 9-Aug-12 3:00am    
Edited for code block.
16041984 9-Aug-12 4:00am    
plz give me any solution
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Aug-12 12:42pm    
Any?!... :-)
ZurdoDev 10-Aug-12 12:16pm    
Just hyperlink to the file.
Maciej Los 10-Aug-12 15:51pm    
I haven't see the part of code where you load the data (the full path of CV files)...

1 solution

There is a lot of information missing here but I can give you a general outline of what I did in a simular project:

1. I got the relevant data either form a list of files or an SQL server, and stored these items in a List(of MyClass) that contained all the properties of the nessecary items I wanted to show.

2. I used a ListView together with a GridView (WPF) and binded the List(of MyClass) to it.

3. Not if I clicked on an Item so that the Selected Item changed I updated a priview filed of the file, like Windows Explorer does. If I wanted to edit the values I made a different window appear that allowed the user to set and reconfigure the selected item. This ment that the listview would responed to a double clik event.

This sould also be possible to do with a DataGrid, so you should now be able to do what you want :)
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16041984 16-Aug-12 7:52am    
16041984 3-Sep-12 6:31am    
i solved it myself by taking in array and using proc.start....thx for help

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