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I modified the ddk sample "diskperf" to a volume filter driver, and removed all the wmi codes. The driver works fine on almost all windows versions except the windows 2000.

The problem is when I install the driver and restart, Winmgmt.exe runs at a 100% cpu usage, and windows hungs.

The following situations will be ok:
1. remove the diskperf.sys from system.
2. disable the wmi services.

Any advice?

thanks a lot!

well, I tried out the 3rd situation:
3. use diskperf.exe -N to disable the "physical and logical drives" performance counters
Updated 9-Aug-12 17:10pm
Peter_in_2780 10-Aug-12 0:13am
Sounds like you're calling some API that either didn't exist or worked differently in Win2K. You might need to trawl through the MSDN docs on every one you call.
Hawkfuture 10-Aug-12 2:29am
Thanks for the reply.But calling APIs not existing will bring system to BSOD.
And my filter driver just send IRPs to next stack.I'll check the code carefully.

1 solution

There does not seem to be allot of code for that. I viewed it on line.
I was looking at these 2 pages.[^][^]

You may try and build a version that has everything in it and see if that makes a difference. It may require some WMI calls.

Also verify the Bit version.

There may be one with that name already on the system.

Your version may make function calls that was not supported till after Windows 2000.

With out seeing the code and trying it on a Windows 2000 system( which I have no access to.) I can only make a some what educated guess.
Hawkfuture 10-Aug-12 4:11am
Thanks alot, I'll try and keep tracking this problem.
ledtech3 10-Aug-12 8:51am
Another thing I just thought of is if it is still hanging the system,then after you disable it. If you haven't already done so Check the Event logs and see if it tells you any thing.Also locate the driver in Device manager and see if it can shed some light, It may be found under non plug and play section.
Or you can create a dump and try viewing that.

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