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I want to write the sever-client model app in realtime.
Client requires the current output audio data of server.
Server captures self audio data and sends it to cilent in real time.
Client receives the data and plays it in real time
I need samples.
What does capture output audio data.
Help me! And i need reference link.
Updated 9-Aug-12 22:43pm
pasztorpisti 9-Aug-12 4:59am    
This is a tipical UPD scenario where you don't need reliable data channel (like TCP). Unfortunately I don't have the time to find out the answer right now and don't know where to start it. How good are you at network programming and UDP?
Albert Holguin 9-Aug-12 23:46pm    
With rates as low as music playing, you don't really need to resort to UDP... but it wouldn't hurt either.
pasztorpisti 10-Aug-12 2:31am    
You are right, TCP might be enough. I'm a TCP fan anyway and don't like bothering with UDP. :)
Albert Holguin 10-Aug-12 9:41am    
There's audio applications that employ both types, VoIP commonly uses UDP, internet audio streaming commonly usus TCP... so it's more of a design question but the rate isn't really a restriction (unless you have a REALLY slow network connection, like dial-up, but I don't think many people have that anymore).
Member 9102753 9-Aug-12 7:49am    
Read about WAVE API from MSDN that may help you .....

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Hi 김포스 !
You can read about DirectShow (sometimes abbreviated as DS or DShow), is a multimedia framework and API produced by Microsoft for software developers to perform various operations with media files or streams. It is the replacement for Microsoft's earlier Video for Windows technology. Based on the Microsoft Windows Component Object Model (COM) framework, DirectShow provides a common interface for media across various programming languages, and is an extensible, filter-based framework that can render or record media files on demand at the request of the user or developer. The DirectShow development tools and documentation were originally distributed as part of the DirectX SDK.
Currently, they are distributed as part of the Windows SDK (formerly known as the Platform SDK). But Microsoft plans to completely replace DirectShow gradually with Media Foundation in future Windows versions. Windows Vista and Windows 7 applications use Media Foundation instead of DirectShow for several media related tasks.[^]
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