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I have an MSI installer, which have my custom installer project output and I added an exe file to run while installation.

So my MSI setup file will copy or remove files from source location and my custom GUI will install my window server call some server api's and updated its logon credentials etc stuff.

Copying and removing is of files is controlled by MSI on its action as its added as output for MSI project. If I am installing its will copy files or if I uninstall it will remove files.

Now I have below problems -

1) Now if I will go to control panel and try to uninstall my application and later from GUI if I abort it, my GUI will abort but MSI will clear all files.

2) If I will select uninstall and further from GUI, select repair. It will still remove files.

So my installer is not real custom installer, its just namesake one.

Now how can I quick fix above two options? And is there any better approach to do this task - > my original question create single click msi file of custom installer of an application[^] ?

Thanks in advance

1 solution

You can try to create a custom Installer by using the Install Shield Limited Edition which comes with Visual Studio 2010...

Marco Alessandro Bertschi
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