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Hello all..

Good afternun..

In my table I have two column in a table named as batchname,process.
bachname contains the 1000 filename,process contains whether the file is completed or not.

My problem is,
I want to select the process column based on 1000 file name.
can anybody provide the query for that?How to pass the 1000 file name to get a process column for the corresponding file?

thanks in advance
ssd_coolguy 10-Aug-12 5:42am
can you explain more with example..
means how batchname contains filenames?
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 10-Aug-12 5:44am
Can you give us one of ur record?
Santhosh Kumar Jayaraman 10-Aug-12 5:51am
i think single row have 1000 filenames like a,ab,ac,vd,fg...So a sample row will be
Batch name Process
a,ab,ac,vd,fg... Completed
Is that right?

If you know the filenames, you can try something along the lines of:

SELECT process
FROM table_name
WHERE batchname IN ('batchname1', 'batchname2,', 'batchname3', 'batchname1000');

Now, the problem is that you'll have to come up with a way to put those dynamically in the WHERE clause, writing 1000 file names would be painfully boring (not to mention the fact that they may be 10,000 tomorrow).
Not sure if I understood your question correctly, but if you have several batch names on a single row (and in a single column) and then a column describing a single process, I think you should change the design of your tables. For example to something like:
- processid, primary key
- name
- status ...

- processid, foreign key to process
- name ...
If your table has 1000 rows and you need process information of 1000 batchname, you can simply select all the rows.

Otherwise you could make use of "in" clause. Although this may get messy if you put 1000 values.
jai_mca 13-Aug-12 1:23am
Thanks andrei...thanks to all.i solved the problem

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