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There are 2 Table:

MasterTable => Columns: ID, DetailTable_ID, Description
DetailTable => Columns: ID, Title

First I wanna add a row to DetailTable, then I wanna add a row to MasterTable that it will requires a new DetailTable row.ID which is -1.
I want to add them to DataSet not DataBase.

I'd tried this:

long movieID = long.Parse(this.Movie.SelectedValue.ToString());

Data.VMS.DataSet.MovieGenreRow row = this.VMSDataSet.MovieGenre.NewMovieGenreRow();

row.Movie_ID = movieID;

Data.VMSDataSet.GenreRow genreRow = this.VMSDataSet.Genre.NewGenreRow();

genreRow.Title = this.GenreTitle.Text;
genreRow.Description = this.GenreDescription.Text;


row.Genre_ID = -1;

[no name] 11-Aug-12 20:44pm    
And? You must have some sort of a problem or question...
[no name] 12-Aug-12 15:55pm    
the genreRow will add but the row does not.
I always accept the changes at form clothing event by user confirmation.
So I want to add them to dataSet first.

1 solution

I Update to database just genreRow then retrieve its ID.
There is noway else.
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