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what is the reason of using view state in web application while it is not using in window application. plz explain in details.
StianSandberg 13-Aug-12 6:57am
please explain in details? Please google it first..

For these general questions you should Google before you post..

This forum is for solving programming related specific questions and not a free online software training centre...

If you have any specific programming questions, then post here along with the efforts and code snippets and the difficulty you are facing..

Some useful references...[^][^][^]

Beginner's Guide To View State [^]

Once you go through the links, you will know why Viewstate is required in web apps.
srishti_ 13-Aug-12 7:03am
[no name] 13-Aug-12 9:06am
u r right n thts y my 5
bbirajdar 13-Aug-12 10:20am
Thank you :)
Different types of the state management in

Session-->Used to store a information, three different types

Inproc -->Store information, Without IIS Reset or worker process recycle. it will be erase.
Sqlserver-->Store information, Without IIS Reset or worker process recycle and also maintain the different worker process.Support a web farm and garden configuration(aspnet_state).

Stateserver -->Store session in Sql server.

View state-->Used to store information in encrypted format in a particular page.

Hidden field-->Used to store information in encrypted format in a hidden field ,you can access another page.

Application objects --> Used to stored information and also shared across the entire application.

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