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Hello All,

      My names is john and i am working on a robotics project with my high school robotics team. We have built a land based robot with the intentions of making it drive teleoperated and autonomous. Here is a picture -


We are using Phiget Motor speed controllers - 

And a Phiget I/O Board that gets the analog input from our ultra sonic sensors, we have 8 of them.

I/O Board -

Sonic Senors -

 I pretty well understand how to get the hardware running and how to get sonar sensors running but getting it to be teleoperated is something new to me. The computer on the robot has a wireless bridge on it so that we can wirelessly talk to it. The only things is I don't know where to start with such an application.


I'am using C# Express IDE from MS and the sample code for the phiget hardware is all written in C#.

 I've been looking at these projects and was wondering if they are a good starting platform-



Any Help is appreciated, Thank you!


1 solution

The model of the wireless bridge would be helpfull... However:

I believe what you should start with is a simple forms GUI (classical), and Then I would need to know what you plan to use to "move" (user input actuator) i.e. mouse num pad remote etc...

the first thing that came to mind was to use the windows live PC controller, with XNA studio, and whatever messaging service you devise.. -(the added benifit of this is that you would have a "remote" and most of the dificult stuff is readilly available on the XNA forms not to mention all the versatility of the XBOX controller)

it seems to me that you intend to use ..?commands? like go forward go back.. (perhaps that is why you are looking at chat type "platforms".) however I believe it would be better to just use a "Internal Lab Frame" and use (1,0) for forward, (-1,0) backward etc..

and those data blocks would fall more into the "pure" networking-(of which I know very little) but I know enough to say it would probably be easier to work with then commands (especially when you want to progress to things like partial turning, and/or using an arm)

perhaps See:

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