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i am trying to do ethernet communication i am sendings video frames data on the link. i am using the "send" command to send the data, but on the reciever side it is not recieving the full bytes send menas when i send 13500 bytes it just recieves 1460 bytes. buffer lengths on both sides is 123400, means i am using large enough buffer. so whats is the problem i am working in visual C 2005, using C++
Updated 22-Aug-21 4:45am

Without seeing your code is a bit difficult helping you...
Have you tried calling recv multiple times? It might be possible that due to frame size limit of Ethernet you are receiving first 1460 bytes then you just stop listening for them. Also check for the error returned by the recv signal, if you are using sockets then check WSAGetlasterror function. One more thing, there is a packet sniffer utility called Wireshark. Run wireshark along with your code to make sure that all the data you are sending is correctly received.

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